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A taste of Vermont: Norwich Farmers’Market

The farmer market opens during the summer in an open space, very close to  Hanover, New Hampshire and Norwich, Vermont. It is a joy go on Saturday morning to  this fabulous farmers’ market.   Right after crossing the Connecticut River, over Hwy 5, and about half a mile from King Arthur Flour, this market offers something for everyone.

The soft cheese from Woodcock Cheese Farm Company is very yummy, the yogurt from Sweet Cow  is flavorful and full of texture.  Farmers offer  locally produced fresh herbs, duck, fresh eggs, pickled egg and cumbers, grass feed meat, great sausages,  fresh greens and vegetables.  Lots of  pastries, prepared food, cut flowers, crafts, and of course, folk music and little children dancing and playing on the grass.

Norwich Farmers’ Market

Some Cows from California, Schoch Dairy


Click here to go to Schoch Website. Pulse aquí para ir al sitio de Schoch.

Click here to go to Schoch Website. Pulse aquí para ir al sitio de Schoch.

Schoch Family Farmstead

They manufacture aged cheeses, such as Junipero and Farmstead Jack. Those were my favorite cheeses last week. The Junipero is a low moisture,hard cheese. It shows few eyes, crumbles with facility and it has a crunchy texture. The flavor is sweet and nutty, with mild acidity. It has an earthy, clean finish and overall sapid sensation. My taste buds love the tangy flavor of the rind. The rind is natural, edible (it’s not made out of wax).

The old style Swiss yogurt is also made with raw whole milk. It comes in glass bottles that the company collects at the market. The yogurt maintains its flavor and consistency through the whole week. It is like having a bowl of yogurt at the farm.

I like to think that their cows are the happiest herd in the world. They live eating lettuce and other greens from Salinas from their ocean view home.

They are every Sunday at the Farmer’s Market, California Ave. Palo Alto, CA.

This is a linkto a video by Kristy Downings Rocks.


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