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A taste of Vermont: Norwich Farmers’Market

The farmer market opens during the summer in an open space, very close to  Hanover, New Hampshire and Norwich, Vermont. It is a joy go on Saturday morning to  this fabulous farmers’ market.   Right after crossing the Connecticut River, over Hwy 5, and about half a mile from King Arthur Flour, this market offers something for everyone.

The soft cheese from Woodcock Cheese Farm Company is very yummy, the yogurt from Sweet Cow  is flavorful and full of texture.  Farmers offer  locally produced fresh herbs, duck, fresh eggs, pickled egg and cumbers, grass feed meat, great sausages,  fresh greens and vegetables.  Lots of  pastries, prepared food, cut flowers, crafts, and of course, folk music and little children dancing and playing on the grass.

Norwich Farmers’ Market

Market Math/ Matemática de Mercado


Above: Sample of the book’s pages. Arriba: Muestra de algunas páginas del libro.

Published by the Editors of Food and Wine, this 2015 book provides simple recipes with just 50 ingredients. The recipes are easy to prepare and easily adapted to other ingredients found though the seasons.  There are also  good pictures of the final dish.

Among my favorites  recipes are:

  • Sesame-Ginger Chicken Meatballs, p. 81
  • Mushroms Carpaccio with Chive’s Oil p. 155  This recipe is an exquisite side dish, easy to prepare and to pair with meat, fritatta or “tortilla española.
  • Charred green beans with Apricots p. 16.  For this recipe, I have changed the Apricots for Peaches, Nectarines and Cherries and works very well.
  • Apricot and Ricotta Tartines p.17

Publicado por los Editores de Alimentos y Vino, este libro del 2015 proporciona recetas utilizando 50 ingredientes.  Las recetas son fáciles de preparar y facilmente adaptables a los ingredientes encontrados en las diferentes estaciones del año. Además, presentan fotografías del plato final.

Entre mis recetas favoritas están:

  • Albóndigas de Pollo con Ajonlí y Jengibre, p.81
  • Carpaccio de Hongos con Aceite de cebollinos (también conocidos como cebolletas) p. 155.  Esta receta es exquisita. Es una guarnición perfecta para carnes y es muy buen  acompañante de  frittatas o tortilla española.
  • Vainicas carbonizadas con Albaricoques (Damascos) p. 16
  • Tostadas con Albaricoques (Damascos) y Ricottao p.17

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